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伊藤はポルトガル語とブラジル音楽の伝承を解釈する能力を重視しており、彼女の3枚目のアルバム「Esperanca」をリリースし、ブラジルの音楽の伝統をオリジナルとカバーで探求し続けています。 Read more
90年台半ばからNYを拠点に活動し、04年ごろからブラジリアン・ジャズを体現する伊東友子。 このサードアルバムでは、MPB、スタンダード、和製ポップス(!)や自身のオリジナルから成る13曲を素材に、 ポルトガル語、英語、日本語を混在させ違和感なく歌う'比類ない'ボーダーレスぶりを見せつける。 Read more
ニューヨーク在住伊東友子による3枚目のアルバム。ニューヨーク在住のブラジリアントップミュージシャンのはじけるリズムの乗って、彼女は英語、日本語、ポルトガル語を曲によって使い分け、イバンリンスなどのブラジルの曲やスタンダードジャズをのびやかに表情豊かに歌うニューアルバム。 Read more
先日、羽田のお寺で聴いた伊東の歌いっぷりは、確かに彼女の言うところのブラジリアンジャズだった。ピアノの福森道香もニューヨークで活躍するピアニストだからということもあるが、原曲のスタイルにこだわらず、自在に歌い上げるスタイルは、これまでとは違ったブラジル音楽の魅力が引き出されているのを感じたものだ。 Read more
名ピアニスト、エリオ・アルヴィスの率いるトリオとの 録音を軸に、自身のダイナミックな歌声を披露する。 Read more
Yuko Ito Esperanca is a talented born again Brazilian New Yorker! Read more
If you're a fan of Three Blind Mice, a Japanese jazz label that made some of the best-sounding audiophile recordings ever, then you've probably developed a fondness for Japanese women singing jazz and pop standards. Read more
Composer and vocalist Yuko Ito delivers an upbeat mix of pop and jazz on this Latin lover of a session. She leads an impressive team of Helio Alves/p, Edward Perez/b, Alexandre Kautz/dr, Romero Lubambo-Richard E Miller/g and a handful of guests through some clever adaptations of standards. Read more
Vocalist Yuko Ito seems to know a bit about life and hope. The native of Tokyo, Japan set off for New York City to pursue a career in jazz music. While there, Ito learned about Brazilian jazz traditions. Now with her third album "Esperanca," she shares original and cover songs that bring ideas about love and hope to life. Read more
YUKO ITO/Esperanca: Backed by Helio Alves and his crew, Latin jazz comes to Japan by way of New York as this vocalist sets her sights on the southern sounds giving her treatment to solid stones in the Brazilian canon and more. A tasty, engaging jazz vocal date with a real focus on south of the Panama Canal, it's assuredly hot stuff throughout. Read more
Born in Tokyo, Japan, educated and received a B.F.A Degree from City College New York, performed with the Harlem Gospel Choir and the Blue Note, singer Yoko Ito has a diverse musical background. Her second release, O Cantador is a Brazilian Jazz themed work with a hint and flair of Japan. Read more
If you'd been asked to listen to this disc without knowledge of the singer's origins, you'd have sworn that her roots were in Latin America ? that's a measure of how far she has absorbed the rich musical culture of Brazil. Read more
New York chanteuse (by way of Japan) has just released her latest Brazilian jazz album of Brazilian jazz, O Cantador. The language is Portuguese but the emotion is sung in the universal language of the heart. Read more
Yuko Ito is a patently Japanese name, but when she opens her mouth to sing in Portuguese, you could almost wager that she was not. Her pronunciation, while not quite spot on, is remarkably close to it. This seems to have no bearing on her musical deportment, however. Ms. Ito's phrasing is magnificent and so is her intonation. Read more
O Cantador is Japanese vocalist Yuko Ito's second adventure into Brazilian music. Sung in Portuguese, Ito's command of the language leads audiences to believe she is native to the rumba-rich culture. Read more
A native of Tokyo, Japan, Yuko Ito has been performing publicly in a wide range of styles: pop, rock, R&B, jazz funk, gospel, free jazz and various forms of Brazilian music since high school. Her early musical career began when she founded the girl's rock band, Sissy Boy. Read more
The Japanese native living in New York brings a pomo sensibility to her love of Brazilian music as she opens the canon to all things Brazil here and covers it all with a nu kind of high octane energy but still keeps it all in the world jazz pocket. Read more
A native of Tokyo, Japan, Yuko Ito started her early music career when she founded the female rock band "Sissy Boy" in Tokyo and produced two CDs - Marcy's Factory, and Kick Off Boys. In 1994, she relocated to the U.S. to continue her music education, earning a degree from the City College of New York in jazz vocal performance. Read more
伊東友子のファーストアルバム "Mania De Voce" がリリースされた2010年のレビューを集めてあります。(英語のみ) Read more